Friday, June 1, 2012


Oh it feels so good to be back to normal around here!  Our house is well on its way to becoming disinfected and we're all on the mend.  Thank God!  I just finished baking a cherry pie, and I'm either making shrimp or spaghetti pie for dinner.  Either choice will be yummy!  Love having  my appetite back :) 

I'm very excited because Luke starts music classes this week.  He is going to love it!  I have never seen a child who enjoys listening to music/dancing as much as Luke.  It'll be a smaller class, and the kids are all very close in age.  That will be great because the activities can be geared for their level.  Nolan doesn't know it  yet, but he gets to come along with us to sing songs and dance.  I'm sure he's going to love that, lol!  The cool part is, Mark should be able to come to some of the classes with us.  I'm thinking we might make an evening out of it each week, and have family ice cream night after the class (could be a good incentive for Nolan to attend the classes!). 

I'm also excited because Nolan is out of school!  Yippee!!  We're going to make our summer bucket list this weekend so we can be sure to fit in lots of fun stuff before school resumes in August.  I have a zoo trip planned for next week, complete with a picnic lunch.  The boys will love it :)  I want to have a good mix of day trips, play dates, and lazy days at home.  We've got the big water park/bounce house, sprinkler, water guns, pool, sandbox, bikes, etc., so there is plenty to keep us busy around the house.  As a side note, Luke really enjoys riding in his bike trailer.  It's effortless to pull him around in it, I've been impressed.  I highly recommend the Croozer if you're in the market for a bike trailer.  We have a double, but I'm sure the single ones are just as good.  The only thing that scares me is when a car is coming -- I'm always worried they won't see the trailer.  It's big, neon green, and has one of those tall orange warning flags.  You'd have to be blind to miss it....but yes, I am paranoid! 

TGIF!  Enjoy the weekend <3

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