Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little fish

I keep meaning to write about this, because it's so cute and sweet, but I always forget.

Luke is adorable in the bathtub.  After we got over the initially turbulent bath episodes, bath time is always fun times for Luke.  I'm starting to wonder if we might have a little budding swimmer on our hands! I was a really good competitive swimmer growing up, and it would be cool if one of my kids also participated in swimming :)  Nolan was never interested, and that was okay with  me.  I see many parents pushing their children to enjoy the same sports they once participated in, and I don't think that is healthy.  It puts too much pressure on kids, and they need to be free to forge their own path.  Nolan knows how to swim, and he enjoys swimming for recreation, and that is good enough!

Lukie on the other hand is showing much more of an interest already.  He has started laying on his stomach in the bathtub, puts his face into the water and blows bubbles!  For some reason, it's amazing to us when he does that.  He kicks his legs around and just loves it.  The funniest part is when it's time to get out of the tub.  I flip the drain open, and he likes to remain in the tub, waving bye-bye to the water as it goes down the drain.  LOL  It's priceless watching him smile and wave, as if the water enjoys his farewell.  

Maybe Luke simply enjoys baths.  We'll enroll him in swimming lessons when he's old enough, and see what he thinks.  It might not be in the cards to have any swimmers, which is totally fine with me.  I do, however, secretly have my fingers crossed ;) 

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