Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kick off!

It is summertime, and we are loving life!  No more morning rush, packing lunches, homework, etc.  It's just relaxation and fun :) 

We kicked off the summer with a trip to the zoo yesterday.  The weather was gorgeous.  We met one of my friends and her two kids there, and it was great.  The only downside of the day was that every other person had the same idea, so it was packed.  So packed that my friend and I had trouble finding room to push our strollers through the masses of people!  But we managed to find a super cute kids picnic table to eat our lunches, the kids played at the playgrounds, and we saw lots of animals.  Nolan had a blast, Luke tolerated it (mostly).  It was a good day.  I even decided to purchase a family membership, which we're excited about.  I used to have a pass when Nolan was little, and I loved it.  After just two visits to the zoo you've already paid for it, so it's totally worth it.

We came home from the zoo and rested for awhile, and then headed to Luke's first music class.  So stinkin' cute!  Nolan had fun too, which is a bonus.  I mean, two activities in one day that both boys enjoyed -- that is a miracle.  (It's not easy finding things that a toddler and pre-teen both enjoy doing!)  I loved watching Luke interact with the other kids.  He's all smiles and not timid in the least to go up to new children.  The teacher handed out our music bags.  Inside was a scarf, rhythm sticks, and an object that has beads inside (noise maker, for lack of knowing the official word).  I thought, wow, Luke will love this!  Until he decided the rhythm sticks are fun to throw.  While the other children were beating their sticks together, my little lovely was throwing his all over the room.  *sigh*  I had to take the sticks away from  him, which resulted in an epic meltdown.  Our goal for the week is to hopefully break Luke of the urge to throw his musical instruments :-)  So far, nothing is working.  He's not a big toy thrower, so I don't know why he is determined to throw his sticks.  Toddlers!

And that's about it!  I plan to write a couple posts a week about our summer.  When school starts back up, I'd like to compile those posts into a summer memories book.  I want to have a very "unplugged" summer.  Minimal time on the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  It's so easy to get sucked into wasting time on the internet, and I need a break from that.  The real world is much cooler than cyberspace!

Peace <3


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