Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little trip

We are back from a mini-trip.  I won't say mini-vacation, because as a friend so smartly said, when kids are along, it's a trip, not a vacation.  Isn't that the truth?!

Luke and I went along with Mark on some farm tours.  We got to see some really cool, cutting-edge stuff.  It was mostly fun.  Mostly.

Our hotel room was not fun.  It was way too small.  It contained a king sized bed, but the bed pretty much took up the entire room.  There was a small path to walk around it.  Normally, that would be fine.  With an active toddler?  Not so fine.  Then there was the bathroom.  Weirdest hotel bathroom ever!  There was no tub, and no official shower.  Only a drain in the floor, with a shower head sticking down from the ceiling next to the toilet and sink.  Then, as a "courtesy" (according to the sign), they provided a wooden platform to stand on post-shower to avoid the bathroom flood.  Awesome!

The drive to the hotel was stressful, filled with lots of road construction and traffic.  Dinner was weird -- an entire buffet of food I'd never heard of.  Luke only slept about 2 hours the entire first night.  He ended up in bed with us, thrashing around and needing to plaster his body on top of mine at all times.  Finally, about 2 hours before we had to leave for the day he crashed, and we could barely even wake him up when it was time to go.

Thankfully, things were on the upswing for the rest of the trip.  Luke enjoyed seeing so many cows, tractors, and new sights.  He didn't get any official naps, and the food was again weird, but he did better than I could have expected him to do at his age.  Another wise friend told me to bring lots of snacks, which I did.  Having so many things for him to snack on during the day was a huge lifesaver for when he started to get cranky.

Luke loved to point at the cows :)
My favorite part of the trip -- seeing robotic milkers!  Super cool!

Cutie pie Luke, pointing at cows again <3
After touring 4 farms in one day, we were all exhausted.  We decided to stop at one of our favorite restaurants on the way back to the hotel so we could be guaranteed a good meal.  It tasted so good!  We all literally crashed when we got back.  We were asleep by 7pm, and slept until 6:30am.  We needed it!

I'm glad we went.  It was nice to be around so many farmers.  They are all generally supportive and respectful toward one another, regardless of farm size, farm practices, etc.  I enjoy surrounding myself with open-minded, accepting people like that.  As I get older, I don't know what it is, but I find it hard to be around radical people.  I'm sick of all the debates: Big farms vs. small farms; Public vs. private vs charter schools; Stay-at-home-mom vs. work-at-home-mom vs. work-outside-of-the-house moms; Parenting styles; Cloth diaper vs. disposable diapers; Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding.  Birth plan choices.  I could go on, and on, and on.  The bottom line is, we all live in glass houses.  And we're all just doing our best in life.  Life choices aren't all simply black and white, right or wrong.  No one wants to be judged by others.  There is a way to feel passionate about certain things, and be proud of personal choices/lifestyle without putting others down in the process.  I witnessed that the last couple of days, and it was very refreshing.     I love this quote so much:

The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.    

So true!  Cheers to being back home.  Normal food, comfy bed, spacious home.  Lovely!

Oh, one last thing.  Our special Boomer pup was quite a handful at the boarding facility.  When I picked him up the woman said, Oh Boomer, he is a Boomer!  She then went on to say that he destroyed his sheepskin rug, and was generally bouncing off the walls.  I apologized, but explained that Boomer and our boxer Jazzy spend their days romping, chasing, and playing in the backyard.  Being in a kennel for a few days is tough for a pup.  Poor Boom-Boom.  Here he is with his "summer cut".  All his fluff is gone!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little fish

I keep meaning to write about this, because it's so cute and sweet, but I always forget.

Luke is adorable in the bathtub.  After we got over the initially turbulent bath episodes, bath time is always fun times for Luke.  I'm starting to wonder if we might have a little budding swimmer on our hands! I was a really good competitive swimmer growing up, and it would be cool if one of my kids also participated in swimming :)  Nolan was never interested, and that was okay with  me.  I see many parents pushing their children to enjoy the same sports they once participated in, and I don't think that is healthy.  It puts too much pressure on kids, and they need to be free to forge their own path.  Nolan knows how to swim, and he enjoys swimming for recreation, and that is good enough!

Lukie on the other hand is showing much more of an interest already.  He has started laying on his stomach in the bathtub, puts his face into the water and blows bubbles!  For some reason, it's amazing to us when he does that.  He kicks his legs around and just loves it.  The funniest part is when it's time to get out of the tub.  I flip the drain open, and he likes to remain in the tub, waving bye-bye to the water as it goes down the drain.  LOL  It's priceless watching him smile and wave, as if the water enjoys his farewell.  

Maybe Luke simply enjoys baths.  We'll enroll him in swimming lessons when he's old enough, and see what he thinks.  It might not be in the cards to have any swimmers, which is totally fine with me.  I do, however, secretly have my fingers crossed ;) 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sand Man

Here is our little sand digger :) 

Notice the tiny fists full of sand, ready to launch!


An action shot of sand tossing

Both boys will enjoy the sand this summer.  Nolan hasn't had a chance to play in it yet, but he'll be back tomorrow to try it out :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pictures of the boys

A few pics of the boys from today.  Nolan had a baseball game (his team won, congrats!!), and Luke finally has sand in his sandbox.  Nothing else too exciting happened.  Just a regular old day.  So far I'm not having Facebook, Pintrest, or general web surfing withdrawal.  I do miss reading some of the daily happenings of my buddies, but that just means we'll have more to catch up on when we hang out face to face ;)  I do quickly scan my newsfeed, but I don't spend time reading each and every update, commenting, etc.  We'll see how long this lasts :)  Oh, and I learned that I probably won't be hosting any sandbox playdates this summer.  Unless the child is at least a year older than Luke and can handle his antics.  We have a little sand thrower on our hands.  What the heck is up with this throwing theme?!   

Warming up

Going for a hit

On 1st base -- ended up stealing 2nd and 3rd, and then scoring :)     

The pictures of Luke in his sandbox will have to wait, for some reason the site won't let me upload them.  <3

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kick off!

It is summertime, and we are loving life!  No more morning rush, packing lunches, homework, etc.  It's just relaxation and fun :) 

We kicked off the summer with a trip to the zoo yesterday.  The weather was gorgeous.  We met one of my friends and her two kids there, and it was great.  The only downside of the day was that every other person had the same idea, so it was packed.  So packed that my friend and I had trouble finding room to push our strollers through the masses of people!  But we managed to find a super cute kids picnic table to eat our lunches, the kids played at the playgrounds, and we saw lots of animals.  Nolan had a blast, Luke tolerated it (mostly).  It was a good day.  I even decided to purchase a family membership, which we're excited about.  I used to have a pass when Nolan was little, and I loved it.  After just two visits to the zoo you've already paid for it, so it's totally worth it.

We came home from the zoo and rested for awhile, and then headed to Luke's first music class.  So stinkin' cute!  Nolan had fun too, which is a bonus.  I mean, two activities in one day that both boys enjoyed -- that is a miracle.  (It's not easy finding things that a toddler and pre-teen both enjoy doing!)  I loved watching Luke interact with the other kids.  He's all smiles and not timid in the least to go up to new children.  The teacher handed out our music bags.  Inside was a scarf, rhythm sticks, and an object that has beads inside (noise maker, for lack of knowing the official word).  I thought, wow, Luke will love this!  Until he decided the rhythm sticks are fun to throw.  While the other children were beating their sticks together, my little lovely was throwing his all over the room.  *sigh*  I had to take the sticks away from  him, which resulted in an epic meltdown.  Our goal for the week is to hopefully break Luke of the urge to throw his musical instruments :-)  So far, nothing is working.  He's not a big toy thrower, so I don't know why he is determined to throw his sticks.  Toddlers!

And that's about it!  I plan to write a couple posts a week about our summer.  When school starts back up, I'd like to compile those posts into a summer memories book.  I want to have a very "unplugged" summer.  Minimal time on the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  It's so easy to get sucked into wasting time on the internet, and I need a break from that.  The real world is much cooler than cyberspace!

Peace <3


Friday, June 1, 2012


Oh it feels so good to be back to normal around here!  Our house is well on its way to becoming disinfected and we're all on the mend.  Thank God!  I just finished baking a cherry pie, and I'm either making shrimp or spaghetti pie for dinner.  Either choice will be yummy!  Love having  my appetite back :) 

I'm very excited because Luke starts music classes this week.  He is going to love it!  I have never seen a child who enjoys listening to music/dancing as much as Luke.  It'll be a smaller class, and the kids are all very close in age.  That will be great because the activities can be geared for their level.  Nolan doesn't know it  yet, but he gets to come along with us to sing songs and dance.  I'm sure he's going to love that, lol!  The cool part is, Mark should be able to come to some of the classes with us.  I'm thinking we might make an evening out of it each week, and have family ice cream night after the class (could be a good incentive for Nolan to attend the classes!). 

I'm also excited because Nolan is out of school!  Yippee!!  We're going to make our summer bucket list this weekend so we can be sure to fit in lots of fun stuff before school resumes in August.  I have a zoo trip planned for next week, complete with a picnic lunch.  The boys will love it :)  I want to have a good mix of day trips, play dates, and lazy days at home.  We've got the big water park/bounce house, sprinkler, water guns, pool, sandbox, bikes, etc., so there is plenty to keep us busy around the house.  As a side note, Luke really enjoys riding in his bike trailer.  It's effortless to pull him around in it, I've been impressed.  I highly recommend the Croozer if you're in the market for a bike trailer.  We have a double, but I'm sure the single ones are just as good.  The only thing that scares me is when a car is coming -- I'm always worried they won't see the trailer.  It's big, neon green, and has one of those tall orange warning flags.  You'd have to be blind to miss it....but yes, I am paranoid! 

TGIF!  Enjoy the weekend <3