Sunday, May 20, 2012

Self feeding

After seeing him use a fork in the restaurant today, we decided to totally commit to letting Luke feed himself.  He's been feeding himself for months with his hands, but using utensils completely on his own is new.  He had played around with them here and there, but it's the real deal now!

Here are a few cute pictures :)  We were totally prepared with the plastic bib, and I'm glad we were!  We're so proud of him.  He diligently worked at getting the entire bowl of yogurt down by himself.  I was amazed at how patient he was.  It looked like a frustrating process as he tried to figure out how to hold his spoon.  He settled on a modified fist grip and it worked well for him.  At one point we tried to help him a little, and he freaked.  He was determined to do it by himself and he did!  It's actually nice because it takes him a long time to eat, and it keeps him occupied (which means we get to enjoy our food while it's still hot!).  Awesome job, Luke!  This feels like a big milestone, him being able to manage his meal entirely.  I love that he is becoming more independent. 

Here are a few action shots!


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