Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Haircut and Ick!

Luke got his first haircut over the weekend.  I decided to cut his hair, even though I had never done that before!  I knew the electric clippers would scare him, but I hoped that they would scare him less if I was the one using them.  It came out pretty good, and he stayed fairly calm throughout the ordeal.  His hair is very light blonde now.  His first hair that came in was reddish, but with all of that cut out, he's almost white blonde.  He looks like such a big boy! 

Love that smile

Running around and dancing after his haircut :)

You can see how blonde he is in this picture

Handsome Nolan

Nolan's new Nerf gun (the bribe for his MRI!)

Brothers <3

In other news, our house has been hit hard with the germs!  Last week I was sick -- it came on fast and furious and was not fun at all.  Then, Monday night I felt weird when I went to bed.  Just generally nauseous.  Luckily, I decided to put a puke bag next to the bed.  I few hours later, all hell broke loose and I was up all night getting sick over and over and over again.  About 2 hours after I got sick for the first time, Nolan joined in the fun.  Then, in the morning when Mark got Luke out of his bed, he saw Luke had puked in his crib.  Three down, one to go.  So far, Mark is still healthy.  But it was one awful 24 hours.  I still feel pretty sick, but since all the intestinal junk has stopped, it feels like a major improvement.  Luke and Nolan still feel pretty yucky too.  Luke even puked again this morning before his nap.  Mark must have an immune system of steel after being in the house with all of us and not getting sick!

Here's to hoping for continued improvement with our health!!  

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