Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am so proud of Nolan.  I am proud of him for countless reasons every day, but today I'm specifically proud of him for being so brave.

Nolan hates shots.  Actually, he pretty much hates anything associated with doctors/medical procedures.  I trace this back to when he was almost 3 years old, and had to get some blood drawn.  The person drawing his blood was obviously not trained to work with young children (we went to a general lab).  She stuck his arm, and then he started thrashing around with the needle still in his arm.  It was bouncing all around, still in his vein, and was extremely painful/traumatic for him.  Going to the doctor was never the same after that.  Just as he started to overcome his fears, he had another bad experience.  He was about 6 years old and we had to go to an urgent care center on a Saturday because I suspected he had strep throat.  When they swabbed his throat (which is already painful enough if done correctly), she did it so hard that it started bleeding!  That sealed the deal for him: Medical visits = awful experiences. 

We learned last week that Nolan needed some medical testing done.  I'll go into more detail once we know exactly what is going on with him, but it's nothing life threatening.  The doctor wanted an EEG and MRI with and without contrast.  Uh-oh.  I knew what "with and without contrast" meant: A needle.  Also, I had an MRI during my pregnancy that about sent me over the edge, and I'm not officially claustrophobic.  I was honest with Nolan about what procedures he had to have done.  I showed him a video of a child having an MRI.  I made him a CD of his favorite songs to listen to during the MRI.  I flat out bribed him with a new Nerf gun that he wanted. 

Today was the day, and he did great!!  He was extremely nervous, but we had a plan and it worked :)  We jammed out to his CD on the way to the appointment, which helped him.  While in the waiting room, we looked at pictures and videos of Luke (on my phone) to make him laugh.  I rubbed his feet to let him know I was there during his MRI.  When he had to get the contrast injected, I distracted him by talking about what treat he wanted to order from McDonald's afterwards.  He took the injection like a champ, and finished the MRI without any issues.  When he went back into the MRI machine after having the contrast injected, he said, Mom if you can hear me, thank you <3 

I think Nolan left the clinic with new found confidence in himself and his ability to handle medical tests.  Maybe this will be a turning point for him, and he won't be so scared in the future.  Either way, I am very proud of him.  He is one strong guy <3

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