Monday, December 12, 2011

Hocking Hills!

Our family had a very fun long weekend trip to Hocking Hills State Park!  We needed some uninterrupted time together, and we are all thankful we could take some time out and get outta town.  The trip was our "Adam gift" this year.  Since everything with Adam happened around Christmas last year, we will have some special gift, trip or outing in honor of Adam each year.  We kept the trip a surprise from Nolan, which I've never done before.  It was awesome to see his face light up when we picked him up early from school.  The car was packed and we whisked him out of town :-)

Here is a picture tour of our weekend:

Our cabin.  A great cabin - check out the Aspen at Buckeye Cabins - clean, comfortable, private, and beautiful.

The first night.  Nolan enjoying some hot tub time while Luke and I sat nearby outside.  The boys being silly together :)

Some pictures from Christmas at Ash Cave.  Really cool!  They had luminaries along the trail to the cave.  Once you arrived Santa was there, plus snacks and hot cider (yummy on a cold night!), and tables with activities for the kids.  Everything went so smoothly until we got back to the cave and our stroller was "beached".  The floor of the cave is beach sand!  LOL  An unexpected surprise....luckily we were able to push through, but it was difficult.  Luke was a trooper, and Nolan had a blast making a necklace and getting his face painted. 

The boys on the drive home from their night of fun...

We took a lovely hike thru Conkle's Hollow - gorgeous!  However, my camera ran out of batteries so I have no pictures of the view.  The trip was going too smoothly, something was bound to happen. 

And it did.  Luke had explosive diarrhea.  At a gift shop 20 minutes from our cabin.  With an insufficient amount of wipes in his diaper bag, no diaper rash cream, and no extra outfits.  Yep, mom of the year here! 

How could an experienced mom get into a predicament like this?  Well I'll just get right down to it - Luke poops at most once a day.  He had already gone that morning.  Diaper rashes are almost non-existent for him.  I was trying to minimize the amount of crap we had to tote around, so I brought a couple diapers and a few wipes and we went on our merry way.  Huge, epic  mistake. 

We ended up cleaning him up the best we could in the van.  Then we had to drive to the nearest Wal-Mart, which was about 20 minutes away.  We bought wipes, diaper rash cream, disposable diapers, and a new outfit.  Much to Mark's dismay there was a "family restroom" available, so he got to participate in the fun of finishing the clean up on Luke, and getting him re-dressed and ready to roll.  By the end of the whole ordeal, we were all able laugh about it.  We will forever remember the incident when Luke wears his infamous Hocking Hills Wal-Mart outfit :)  Oh, and I will NEVER take cloth diapers on a vacation again.  Both times there has been some major unfortunate poop episode.  Cloth diapers are for home use only!!

Here is Luke all happy after the drama...

Two hours after we had left our cabin to go hiking, we were finally able to head to a trail.  But it was lunch time, so we decided to refuel with a nice lunch at a highly recommended restaurant.  Guess what?  It was closed due to remodeling.  Of course it was!  So we tried a Mexican restaurant - how can you go wrong with Mexican?  Apparently you can go very wrong.  Think food cooked in dishsoap - that is the only way I can describe it.  So $45 later, we were all still hungry and ended up eating McDonald's in our van from the drive-thru. 

The rest of the day went much smoother.  Sort of.  We hiked to Old Man's Cave, which was gorgeous, and then we hiked a 4 mile trail that was stroller friendly.  It would have been a perfect end to a crazy day, except someone died at Old Man's Cave right before we arrived.  We had to see the body bag and all.  It was tragic - an 18 year old fell from a cliff!  That put a damper on the hike -- we all kept thinking about the horrible accident.  Needless to say, we stuck to the trail and took no chances around the cliffs.  As a side note, I would not recommend taking young toddlers/children to Old Man's Cave until they are old enough to understand the danger.  There are way too many cliffs/drop offs around the trails. 

Here are some pics from our hiking...

And finally, here are some random pics of us having fun around the cabin.  Luke took his first little hike :)

On our drive home, Nolan fell asleep and Luke was trying to wake him up.  It was so funny!  He was pinching/poking Nolan's face...

Fun times, good memories!

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