Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No longer ridin' the cool train

Yep, it's official.  I am not cool anymore.  In fact, I am an embarrassment.  I don't know how this happened!  I don't wear "mom jeans".  My haircut is stylish (I think?!).  My clothes are respectable (I thought!?).  I do drive a minivan....so not cool.  Maybe that is what started me down this slippery slope.  Yes, I will blame the minivan.  Because it certainly can't just be ME who is not cool!  :-)

It started a few weeks ago.  Nolan, Luke and I went to Olive Garden.  We went at an odd time during the week, so I wasn't concerned about my appearence too much.  We had been home all day so I just went as I was.  Black yoga pants (cute flare legged one from the GAP), purple T-shirt, and Nike slip on sandals (bare feet - I know not to wear socks with sandals!).  We got out of the van and Nolan says (with a horrified look on his face), "Really  mom?".  What?   "Yoga pants....that shirt...sandals....for Olive Garden"??  I look fine!  What is wrong with this outfit?!?!  With a disgusted look on his face he said, "That is not what you wear to a restaurant."  I laughed it off, but did wonder for a few moments if I looked ridiculous.  I see others out in public with similar attire.  But are they fellow out-of-style moms?  Since I have stopped working, I sort of live in yoga pants and T-shirts.  I'm on the floor playing with Luke, I get spit up on multiple times a day - it's not glamorous over here.  Plus, since I'm not working, we don't have money laying around for me to keep up with all the latest styles and trends.  But I don't consider myself "out of style".  Or am I?!

Yesterday I became a flat-out embarrassment.  We were at the grocery store, and I spotted a girl in Nolan's class.  She was with her mom and brother.  Nolan is friends with this girl, and so I assumed they would be greeting each other.  I made  the obvious (?) mistake of walking down the same aisle as them.  Because, well, I needed peanut butter and they were in the peanut butter aisle.  When we walked past them, Nolan and the girl muttered a hello to each other.  They both looked mortified.  When we turned the corner, Nolan hissed at me "Mom! Why did you go down that aisle?!?!".  Um, I needed peanut butter?  He said, "Look at me!"  We were headed to football practice, so he had on a T-shirt that clearly did not meet acceptable standards.  Then came a big sigh, and a slight shake of his head.  It was then that I realized, OMG, I'm an embarrassment!  LOL  I proceeded to laugh, and say it's a sad, sad day when you realize you aren't cool anymore.  An older woman overhead this and exchanged a knowing glance with me and smiled.  She has clearly been there.

When we got out to the van, Nolan and I had a laugh about all of this.  I still have a hard time believing that I'm "the mom" sometimes.  I think I'm still young and hip, so it's funny when my child acts embarrassed of me.  Nolan assured me that I am awesome, and that he is not embarrassed of me.  He didn't want me to write this post because he felt badly, and spend yesterday evening telling me how much he loves me.  I explained to him that it's okay.....I am not upset.  It's just funny to me.  I think it's a requirement for kids to, at some point, be embarrassed of their parents for one reason or another.  I'm smart enough to know that in a few years he will be truly embarrassed of me, and will not follow up his display of embarrassment with a proclamation of his love for me.  He will be embarrassed, and that will be the end of the story. 

 Mr. Cool at the zoo :)

Luckily not too cool to pose in a picture with mom :P

I am Luke's favorite person right now, better enjoy it while it lasts!!!

I love being a parent.  All the ages and stages hold new and interesting joys and challenges.  I am lucky to have such awesome sons <3

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