Monday, November 8, 2010

Our new blog

I decided to give blogging a try, so we'll see how this goes! 

A little background about what lead me to start this blog...

We received wonderful, exciting news in early May 2010 - we were pregnant!!  We were beyond thrilled.  Since then, it's been quite a rollercoaster.  We found out in June that we were having twins - WOW!  The beginning of the pregnancy was somewhat uneventful - had an episode of bedrest in July, but babies looked good and the pregnancy was progressing well.  We had our 18 week anatomy scan in August, and we were so excited to find out the gender of our twins.  We are having two boys :D  I feel so lucky to have three little boys to love!  At the anatomy scan, the technician found some abnormalities.  It was an awful experience because she dropped the bomb that one of the babies might have a cleft lip/palate, and there looked to be a heart issue.  She mentioned these possibly being linked to Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18.  It was really scary and upsetting!  We had to wait a month to get a higher level ultrasound at a maternal-fetal medicine clinic.  Those were four long weeks...

In September we had our level 2 ultrasound, and received even more upsetting news.  One of the babies does have a unilateral cleft lip/palate on the left side.  Both babies were missing an artery in their umbilical cords (single umbilical artery - SUA).  Both babies had abnormal brain ventricle measurements, called mild ventrigulomegaly.  One baby had a spot on his heart, and there looked to be some sort of blood flow issue.  One baby has an enlarged/protruding tongue.  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  Some type of syndrome was suspected, due to the fact that there were multiple issues discovered.  It was an appointment we'll never forget!  We were so scared and unsure about the future of our babies.  Further tests were ordered - fetal MRI, and fetal echocardiogram.  Everything required more waiting and left many unanswered questions.  We started praying - churches all over added us to their prayer lists and we all were hoping for the best. 

Since September, it seems that a miracle has taken place!  One by one, issues started clearing up with the babies.  First, one baby starting have normal ventricle measurements.  Then, the heart issue disappeared.  Then the other baby starting have normal ventricle measurements.  And now, my gestational diabetes has made drastic improvements to the point where we're not sure I even have it anymore!  It's been absolutely amazing!!  Now we are left with one baby having cleft lip/palate, and the single-umbilical artery issue - that's it!  Of course a syndrome could still be discovered at birth, but at least both babies are healthy.  There is still a question about the protruding/enlarged tongue, but it could be from the cleft lip/palate.  The cleft lip/palate will require surgeries and will cause feeding/speech issues.  But we can deal with those things.  And really the cleft seems so minor now compared to what we initially thought we would be dealing with.  We feel so blessed!!!!

I am done working and I am on modified bedrest.  Basically I just have to take it easy and keep my feet up as much as possible.  This will help prevent preterm labor, high blood pressure, and helps with my blood sugar levels (which have been fantastic since I've stopped working - to the point we're not sure I still have it!).  We are watching the growth of both babies closely to make sure the umbilical cord issue isn't restricting their growth.  So far so good.  My next ultrasound is November 16th, and I'll be 31 weeks at that point.  I can't wait to see our boys, and to see how much they've grown!  Stay tuned for updates on our little guys :D

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  1. Everything sounds as though it is progressing right along Betsey! I hope any advice I have shared with you has helped you. I learned the hard way during my pregnancy with Erika that you MUST follow doctor's orders & you sound as though your doing Great. Please keep me posted. I always love to hear your stories. I love giving advice even more....Take Care;)